Hair & Makeup Protocols

1. Take temperature at home before leaving for the set. If temperature is not normal client will be contacted immediately.

2. Wear mask and protective eyewear while working with models.

3. Wash hands and sanitize throughout the day.

4. Keep hair and makeup stations separated, at a minimum of 6ft apart.

5. Disinfect work area upon arrival and continue to disinfect station and tools throughout the day.

6. Prohibit other crew members from placing drinks, phones and personal items on hair and makeup stations.

7. Use disposable applicators for eyes and lips.

8. Use disposable palettes or palettes that can be disinfected for each model’s makeup application.

9. Isolate all hair and makeup brushes and tools that have been used on a model and place in container specific to that model. Sanitize after use.

10. Aside from working with models maintain the 6ft recommended distance from crew-members.

11. Limit conversation and ask that talent refrain from cell phone use while artist is working.

12. All IA Artists have Barbicide Covid-19 Certification.

Additional Kit items:

1. 70% Alcohol in spray bottle

2. Alcohol wipes

3. Lysol spray

4. Nitrile gloves

5. Face masks

6. Protective eye wear or face shield

7. Labels and or color coding labels

8. Sharpie

9. Disposable set / makeup bags to hold each models brushes product etc

10. Barbicide spray and Barbicide wipes

Hair and Makeup Protocol Recommendations:

1. Encourage producer to have additional monitors as needed to prevent close contact while watching set.

2. Encourage producer to hire a designated crew member to clean surfaces all day.

3. Limit crew access to hair and makeup stations to hair and makeup artists, models and cleaning assistant only.

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